The 3rd Summit Meeting on Chemical Regulations in Asia Pacific  


Ladies and Gentlemen

The SMCR 2017 will be held on 20-21 September 2017 in Hangzhou and covers chemical regulations in China, Korea, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe. Government Officials and Experts from those Countries/Regions will speak on chemical regulations, chemical notification/registration experiences, hazardous chemical management, chemical supervision and classification.

You can get following key points by attending this summit:
­- The outlook, opportunities and challenges of Asia Pacific chemical industry in 2018;
­-  Updates of chemical regulations in various regions: China New Chemical Substance Notification/China MEP order No. 7, The Regulation of Automobile Transportation of Dangerous Goods (JT617), K-REACH, Japan CSCL;
­-  Hazardous Chemical Regulations and Management in China;
­-  Chemical Supervision in China, Southeast Asia and Europe;

There are six sessions during this summit and each followed with 30 mins panel discussion.
-  Day one morning: China Chemical Regulations
­-  Day one afternoon 1: Japan Chemical Regulations
­-  Day one afternoon 2: Korea Chemical Regulations
­-  Day two morning: Supervisions in Australia and EU
­-  Day two afternoon 1: Supervisions in China
­-  Day two afternoon 2: Supervisions in Southeast Asia

This summit will bring you case studies, panel discussions, annual special event and many other networking opportunities. Welcome to join us to meet your peers, our leading experts together with senior officials within the field.

Please click here to register. We are looking forward to meeting you in Hangzhou!


SMCR Committee