What is SMCR?

The Summit Meeting on Chemical Regulations in Asia Pacific (SMCR) which was founded by the CIRS Group is regarded as the pioneer summit in China to communicate chemical regulations in Asia Pacific region. The first Shanghai Summit Meeting was held in 2011, and has won intense support from competent authorities from China, Japan and Korea since then. SMCR has rapidly become one of most influential chemical regulatory conferences in Asia.

SMCR invites chemical regulatory experts, officials and industry representatives to share chemical regulatory updates and compliance solutions with an aim to assist collaboration among countries in Asia Pacific region, build transparent sharing of regulatory updates and enforcement measures, and promote the safety and sustainability of chemical industry in Asia Pacific region.

SMCR aims to present the latest updates by top experts from China, Japan and Korea to benefit of the whole Asia Pacific region, as well as build a bridge between the chemical industry and regulatory authorities in APAC.

Please visit SMCR website to get latest and detailed information: http://smcr.cirs-group.com